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ADAS Camera Calibration

Professional ADAS Camera Calibration

As increasingly sophisticated equipment becomes more commonplace in your car, for example automatic collision detection, distance control and parking assistance, more and more cars have multiple cameras and sensors installed in them. Collectively known as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) it is estimated that as many as 80% of new cars will soon feature some form of ADAS package.

This is all fine until your car is involved in even a minor accident or requires a new windscreen. Even if the work is more maintenance than accident related such as a wheel alignment adjustment after a new tyre is fitted or an update of the ECU software. In either case your cameras being used in the ADAS will require recalibration to ensure the equipment they are connected to continues to work correctly.

Expert camera calibration is vital

ADAS camera calibration is not a task that you can manage yourself as it requires a range of specialist tools. Until recently you had to rely on the main dealers doing the work for you, however Polar have invested heavily in the necessary calibration systems and can now offer bodyshops and garages a professional service at highly competitive prices.

We come to you

Polar offer a mobile service and we carry out the work at your premises and to suit your repair timetable. This saves you money not just on the cost of the calibration itself but also on the cost of taking cars too and from the main dealers.

Hella Gutmann Diagnostics

We use the industry leading diagnostic tools designed and manufactured by Hella Gutmann. This allows us to offer Bodyshops and Independent Garages a range of services which includes:

  • We check all of the car’s ADAS systems after any accident repairs have been completed by you, or to see if there has been any damage caused by the original bump.
  • We can calibrate all  of the cameras to the original manufacturers’ specifications.
  • We can provide the necessary report for you to file for insurance purposes.

Give Polar a call

Please feel free to give us a call to talk through your requirements, we can then offer you advice on pricing and turnaround times.

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