Webasto Servicing

Webasto currently provide specialist heaters for service vehicles such as ambulances, haulage trucks and taxi fleets.webasto service north west

They offer two types of heater:

  • A water heater which is fixed to the engines cooling circuit, this heater warms the interior of the vehicle and its engine which results in the interior being pre-heated. An added benefit of this heater is that the vehicle will not have trouble starting in cold weather.
  • An air heater that draws cold air into the heater, heats it up and then distributes it evenly. This type of heater is able to heat a vehicles interior and a cargo hold.

 Servicing experts

Polar Aircon can service all types of Webasto heater, including the range of different wattage products that they provide.

Our service plans aim to prevent future emergency problems with the heater and we feel it is important that servicing locates even the smallest problem which could turn into a costly repair.

We are also pleased to provide emergency cover for fleet managers. Our highly trained engineers will ensure that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible if a problem occurs.

Due to the specific nature of our work we also supply service centres with specialist support and information about night heaters and how they should be maintained.

If your vehicles are fitted with Webasto heaters and you are looking for information on servicing please do not hesitate to contact us. Just call 0800 316 7744 for a quote.