Eberspächer Servicing

Eberspächer provide heating solutions for commercial vehicles which includes emergency services fleets and haulage transport vehicles of shapes and sizes.eberspacher service north west

The company uses Airtonic and Hydronic technology for their heaters and all of their current products use one of these two methods.

Airtonic Heating takes cold air either from the vehicle or outside, heats it and delivers it to the interior of the vehicle. This is a solution for commercial vehicles as it can be installed around the cab and even under the floor.

Hydronic Heating works separately to the engine even though it is integrated into the water cooling system of the vehicle. This heater preheats the passenger section as well as the engine, it also provides pre-cooling in summer.

Servicing experts

Polar Aircon are able to service both Airtonic and Hydronic heaters, we use preventative servicing in order to give customers the highest quality service.

As we provide a specialist service we often work with service centres that require an engineer to carry out a service on a Eberspächer heater.

Emergency cover is also an important aspect of our work, we provide a service that makes customers feel secure, knowing they have support if one of their vehicles has a problem.

If your vehicles are fitted with Eberspächer heaters and you are looking for information on servicing please do not hesitate to contact us. Just call 0800 316 7744 for a quote.