Mobile Adaptive Cruise Control Calibration

We provide a set-up and calibration service for all models of adaptive (or active) cruise control systems including those for VW, Audi, Mercedes and BMW.

If you run a body-shop or repair service, we can come to your garage and carry out the work on site. You will not need to arrange to transport the car to a main dealer.

Competitively priced and using the latest technology, we offer a convenient solution to businesses across the North West.

Please call 0800 316 7744 for further information, prices or to arrange a visit.

What is ACC (adaptive cruise control)?

Adaptive Cruise Control Systems are increasingly common on many makes of car. When engaged, they take over a measure of control from the driver including breaking, if you come too close to the vehicle in front and steering if a bend in the road is detected and the driver hasn’t taken any action.

After an accident, any car fitted with one of these packages will require their system to be reset as the various detection devices will have been damaged or knocked out of alignment.

When first switched on after an accident the system will indicate it has been disabled. Recalibration will re-enable the system.

We calibrate both active and laser cruise control systems.

An Overview of Cruise Control

Cruise control involves the driver setting a desired speed that they wish their car to travel at. The car’s management system will control acceleration and braking to keep the vehicle at this constant speed. When the driver intervenes, overriding the system, responding to events on the road, the automatic control is switched off until re-engaged by the driver.

Adaptive or Active Cruise Control takes this automation a little further by adding sensors that can monitor the traffic in front and the direction the road is taking. By sensing the car in front, braking can keep a safe distance and over-ride the set speed; by sensing the edges of the road surface, bends are detected and the steering wheel turned if the driver has not already done so.

The system works in a way that will adjust the speed of the car, based upon the speed of the car ahead. For example, should a car in-front need to slow down for whatever reason, the car will match its speed and maintain the set distance between you and the car ahead. Should the car in-front change lane, the vehicle will then adjust itself to the speed set by the driver, providing there is no car ahead of the previous that would warrant the need to slow down.

Cruise control is best suited for driving on the motorway, where conditions are usually easier to monitor and change less rapidly than on smaller roads.

Laser or Radar Cruise Control

Active cruise control comes under several different names based upon the manufacturer and the technologies being employed. Other common terms include laser cruise control and radar cruise control. These can also vary in functionality, such as the minimum and maximum speeds in which the car will travel while ACC is active. Some can come to a complete stop, while others will only be able to travel as low as 30mph.

Hella CSC tool

adaptive cruise control repairThe Hella CSC tool is a calibration tool for both camera and radar based driver assist systems. If the car’s sensors or cameras become damaged, specialised equipment is required to calibrate their settings and measurements, to ensure proper operation and driver safety.

As these systems have become more popular among a wide variety of mid-sized and compact cars. Hella provides specific tools for a growing number of makes and models and their varied technology and functionality.

Hella allow us to tailor these tools to different workshop environments with the use of modular components. Giving us the compatibility and flexibility to provide a quality service.

The unit gives us the ability to work with Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Renault, Subaru and Toyota.

If you have any questions about the system you require repairing, please give us a call on 0800 316 7744 and we can advise if we will be able to help.